he loves books, his caring, he loves writing books, sporty
he is the farther of Sophia and James and his wife Mary-anne
his the lover of Mary-anne and he loves James, Sophia and he loves his books.
He feels happy when people read his books. he feel excited when he finishes his books. he feels sad when people don’t like his books.
he needs pens and pencils to write books.he needs his family to motivate him. he needs people to like his books so he can write books in the future.
he gives books to the World. he sometimes writes sad books. he sometimes writes happy books.
he fears that his children getting hurt. he fears he doesn’t write good books. he fears his wife will get hurt.
he would like to see his kids. he would want to see his wife. he would want to see his mum and dad.
he lives in Australia. he lives in Melbourne. he lives in Victoria.

What season is it ?

I woke to a warm day with the leaves between my feet.
The trees look bare without any leaves.
The leaves are floating off the tree like parachutes falling slowly side to side.
The leaves swiftly blowing away by the cold breeze.
I feel the wind blowing the leaves calmly off the tree.image image image image

About me

Hi my name is Jakob and I’m am 11 years old and I go to Kennington  primary school and I’ll be talking about what I’m doing at school such as maths p.e and whiting and other stuff. The main things I enjoy is p.e and Maths but out side of school I enjoy is cricket, volleyball and soccer and I might talk about sport sometimes but mainly about school work hope you enjoy reading my blog.

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